Frakkin' Epic

Welcome to Frakkin' Epic, the new fast-paced storytelling RPG, created by Beau M. K. Prichard and produced by Two Bards!

Conceived and birthed on a con road trip, Frakkin' Epic is the halfbreed offspring of RPGs, general nerdom, improv performance, and limited resources.

Frakkin' Epic was designed to play with nothing but a piece of paper and a smartphone or a couple of dice. This book includes all you need to know to launch your own game, including rules, tips, guided situations, and your very own starter scenario.

Frakkin' Epic isn't just a game, it's about unleashing the awesome in your players, telling a story together, and telling it in as big a way as possible.

It's simple, it's easy to learn and teach, and mostly it's about getting out of the way of your self and your players to let the most exciting, ridiculous, incredible shenanigans take place.


Where am I? Who are you people? What the hell is this?

This is the page for Two Bards Productions, a Seattle-based indie media production company. We do a regular podcast, shoot a lot of videos, and helped produce Frakkin' Epic, a really awesome, stripped-down role playing game system.

Who's this Beau guy?

Many geeks known of Beau M. K. Prichard for his behind-the-scenes involvement in Zombie Orpheus Entertainment series like JourneyQuest and Rude Mechanical. He's also a producer on the super nerdy web series Glitch. Beau also writes books, several of which are available on Amazon. On the way back from the Fandemonium con in Idaho, Jesse Lee Keeter (star of Glitch and JourneyQuest) asked if there was a way to play D&D in the backseat. Beau came up with what eventually developed into Frakkin' Epic, the simple, fast-paced, perfect-for-roadtrips, RPG system.

Where can I buy the book in person?

The book will be for sale at most Cons that Two Bards are in attendance at. Aside from the occasionally very discerning game store, the only place you will consistently be able to order the book is at

What's the big deal?

This is the first truly public project other than the podcast that Two Bards Productions have put their creative muscle behind. That's a big deal. This is, really seriously truly, a new RPG system that you can buy for as little as $10. This is a game that rewards creativity, encourages shenanigans, and makes table top gaming, fast, accessible, and fun for practically everyone.